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Tapered amplifier laser with frequency-shifted feedback

A. Bayerle, S. Tzanova, P. Vlaar, B. Pasquiou, F. Schreck

SciPost Phys. 1, 002 (2016) · published 22 October 2016


We present a frequency-shifted feedback (FSF) laser based on a tapered amplifier. The laser operates as a coherent broadband source with up to 370GHz spectral width and 2.3us coherence time. If the FSF laser is seeded by a continuous-wave laser a frequency comb spanning the output spectrum appears in addition to the broadband emission. The laser has an output power of 280mW and a center wavelength of 780nm. The ease and flexibility of use of tapered amplifiers makes our FSF laser attractive for a wide range of applications, especially in metrology.

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Frequency combs Frequency-shifted feedback (FSF) lasers Lasers Metrology Tapered amplifiers

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