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Time evolution during and after finite-time quantum quenches in the transverse-field Ising chain

Tatjana Puskarov, Dirk Schuricht

SciPost Phys. 1, 003 (2016) · published 23 October 2016


We study the time evolution in the transverse-field Ising chain subject to quantum quenches of finite duration, ie, a continuous change in the transverse magnetic field over a finite time. Specifically, we consider the dynamics of the total energy, one- and two-point correlation functions and Loschmidt echo during and after the quench as well as their stationary behaviour at late times. We investigate how different quench protocols affect the dynamics and identify universal properties of the relaxation.

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Finite-duration quenches Ising model Loschmidt echo Quantum quenches Transverse-field Ising chain

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