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Finite-size corrections in critical symmetry-resolved entanglement

Benoit Estienne, Yacine Ikhlef, Alexi Morin-Duchesne

SciPost Phys. 10, 054 (2021) · published 4 March 2021


In the presence of a conserved quantity, symmetry-resolved entanglement entropies are a refinement of the usual notion of entanglement entropy of a subsystem. For critical 1d quantum systems, it was recently shown in various contexts that these quantities generally obey entropy equipartition in the scaling limit, i.e. they become independent of the symmetry sector. In this paper, we examine the finite-size corrections to the entropy equipartition phenomenon, and show that the nature of the symmetry group plays a crucial role. In the case of a discrete symmetry group, the corrections decay algebraically with system size, with exponents related to the operators' scaling dimensions. In contrast, in the case of a U(1) symmetry group, the corrections only decay logarithmically with system size, with model-dependent prefactors. We show that the determination of these prefactors boils down to the computation of twisted overlaps.

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