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A scanning quantum cryogenic atom microscope at 6 K

Stephen F. Taylor, Fan Yang, Brandon A. Freudenstein, Benjamin L. Lev

SciPost Phys. 10, 060 (2021) · published 9 March 2021


The Scanning Quantum Cryogenic Atom Microscope (SQCRAMscope) is a quantum sensor in which a quasi-1D quantum gas images electromagnetic fields emitted from a nearby sample. We report improvements to the microscope. Cryogen usage is reduced by replacing the liquid cryostat with a closed-cycle system and modified cold finger, and cryogenic cooling is enhanced by adding a radiation shield. The minimum accessible sample temperature is reduced from 35 K to 5.7 K while maintaining low sample vibrations. A new sample mount is easier to exchange, and quantum gas preparation is streamlined.

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