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A non-Abelian parton state for the $ν=2+3/8$ fractional quantum Hall effect

Ajit Coimbatore Balram

SciPost Phys. 10, 083 (2021) · published 15 April 2021


Fascinating structures have arisen from the study of the fractional quantum Hall effect (FQHE) at the even denominator fraction of $5/2$. We consider the FQHE at another even denominator fraction, namely $\nu=2+3/8$, where a well-developed and quantized Hall plateau has been observed in experiments. We examine the non-Abelian state described by the "$\bar{3}\bar{2}^{2}1^{4}$" parton wave function and numerically demonstrate it to be a feasible candidate for the ground state at $\nu=2+3/8$. We make predictions for experimentally measurable properties of the $\bar{3}\bar{2}^{2}1^{4}$ state that can reveal its underlying topological structure.

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