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Generalized hydrodynamics in complete box-ball system for $U_q(\widehat{sl}_n)$

Atsuo Kuniba, Grégoire Misguich, Vincent Pasquier

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SciPost Phys. 10, 095 (2021) · published 30 April 2021


We introduce the complete box-ball system (cBBS), which is an integrable cellular automaton on 1D lattice associated with the quantum group $U_q(\widehat{sl}_n)$. Compared with the conventional $(n-1)$-color BBS, it enjoys a remarkable simplification that scattering of solitons is totally diagonal. We also submit the cBBS to randomized initial conditions and study its non-equilibrium behavior by thermodynamic Bethe ansatz and generalized hydrodynamics. Excellent agreement is demonstrated between theoretical predictions and numerical simulation on the density plateaux generated from domain wall initial conditions including their diffusive broadening.

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