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Coexistence of coarsening and mean field relaxation in the long-range Ising chain

Federico Corberi, Alessandro Iannone, Manoj Kumar, Eugenio Lippiello, Paolo Politi

SciPost Phys. 10, 109 (2021) · published 18 May 2021


We study the kinetics after a low temperature quench of the one-dimensional Ising model with long range interactions between spins at distance $r$ decaying as $r^{-\alpha}$. For $\alpha =0$, i.e. mean field, all spins evolve coherently quickly driving the system towards a magnetised state. In the weak long range regime with $\alpha >1$ there is a coarsening behaviour with competing domains of opposite sign without development of magnetisation. For strong long range, i.e. $0<\alpha <1$, we show that the system shows both features, with probability $P_\alpha (N)$ of having the latter one, with the different limiting behaviours $\lim _{N\to \infty}P_\alpha (N)=0$ (at fixed $\alpha<1$) and $\lim _{\alpha \to 1}P_\alpha (N)=1$ (at fixed finite $N$). {\color{red}We discuss how this behaviour is a manifestation of an underlying dynamical scaling symmetry due to the presence of a single characteristic time $\tau _\alpha (N)\sim N^\alpha$.

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