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High Efficiency Configuration Space Sampling -- probing the distribution of available states

Paweł T. Jochym, Jan Łażewski

SciPost Phys. 10, 129 (2021) · published 3 June 2021


Substantial acceleration of research and more efficient utilization of resources can be achieved in modelling investigated phenomena by identifying the limits of system's accessible states instead of tracing the trajectory of its evolution. The proposed strategy uses the Metropolis-Hastings Monte-Carlo sampling of the configuration space probability distribution coupled with physically-motivated prior probability distribution. We demonstrate this general idea by presenting a high performance method of generating configurations for lattice dynamics and other computational solid state physics calculations corresponding to non-zero temperatures. In contrast to the methods based on molecular dynamics, where only a small fraction of obtained data is used, the proposed scheme is distinguished by a considerably higher, reaching even 80%, acceptance ratio and much lower amount of computation required to obtain adequate sampling of the system in thermal equilibrium at non-zero temperature.

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