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Low-energy effective theory and anomalous Hall effect in monolayer $\mathrm{WTe}_2$

S. Nandy, D. A. Pesin

SciPost Phys. 12, 120 (2022) · published 7 April 2022


We develop a symmetry-based low-energy theory for monolayer $\mathrm{WTe}_2$ in its 1T$^{\prime}$ phase, which includes eight bands (four orbitals, two spins). This model reduces to the conventional four-band spin-degenerate Dirac model near the Dirac points of the material. We show that measurements of the spin susceptibility, and of the magnitude and time dependence of the anomalous Hall conductivity induced by injected or equilibrium spin polarization can be used to determine the magnitude and form of the spin-orbit coupling Hamiltonian, as well as the dimensionless tilt of the Dirac bands.

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