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Dynamic decay and superadiabatic forces in the van Hove dynamics of bulk hard sphere fluids

Lucas L. Treffenstädt, Thomas Schindler, Matthias Schmidt

SciPost Phys. 12, 133 (2022) · published 20 April 2022


We study the dynamical decay of the van Hove function of Brownian hard spheres using event-driven Brownian dynamics simulations and dynamic test particle theory. Relevant decays mechanisms include deconfinement of the self particle, decay of correlation shells, and shell drift. Comparison to results for the Lennard-Jones system indicates the generality of these mechanisms for dense overdamped liquids. We use dynamical density functional theory on the basis of the Rosenfeld functional with self interaction correction. Superadiabatic forces are analysed using a recent power functional approximation. The power functional yields a modified Einstein long-time self diffusion coefficient in good agreement with simulation data.

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