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Conformal bootstrap bounds for the $U(1)$ Dirac spin liquid and $N=7$ Stiefel liquid

Yin-Chen He, Junchen Rong, Ning Su

SciPost Phys. 13, 014 (2022) · published 8 August 2022


We apply the conformal bootstrap technique to study the $U(1)$ Dirac spin liquid (i.e. $N_f=4$ QED$_3$) and the newly proposed $N=7$ Stiefel liquid (i.e. a conjectured 3d non-Lagrangian CFT without supersymmetry). For the $N_f=4$ QED$_3$, we focus on the monopole operator and ($SU(4)$ adjoint) fermion bilinear operator. We bootstrap their single correlators as well as the mixed correlators between them. We first discuss the bootstrap kinks from single correlators. Some exponents of these bootstrap kinks are close to the expected values of QED$_3$, but we provide clear evidence that they should not be identified as the QED$_3$. By requiring the critical phase to be stable on the triangular and the kagome lattice, we obtain rigorous numerical bounds for the $U(1)$ Dirac spin liquid and the Stiefel liquid. For the triangular and kagome Dirac spin liquid, the rigorous lower bounds of the monopole operator's scaling dimension are $1.046$ and $1.105$, respectively. These bounds are consistent with the latest Monte Carlo results.

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