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Exact results for duality-covariant integrated correlators in $\mathcal{N}=4$ SYM with general classical gauge groups

Daniele Dorigoni, Michael B. Green, Congkao Wen

SciPost Phys. 13, 092 (2022) · published 11 October 2022


We present exact expressions for certain integrated correlators of four superconformal primary operators in the stress tensor multiplet of $\cN=4$ supersymmetric Yang--Mills (SYM) theory with classical gauge group, $G_N$ $= SO(2N)$, $SO(2N+1)$, $USp(2N)$. These integrated correlators are expressed as two-dimensional lattice sums by considering derivatives of the localised partition functions, generalising the expression obtained for $SU(N)$ \mbg{gauge group} in our previous works. These expressions are manifestly covariant under Goddard-Nuyts-Olive duality. The integrated correlators can also be formally written as infinite sums of non-holomorphic Eisenstein series with integer indices and rational coefficients. Furthermore, the action of the hyperbolic Laplace operator with respect to the complex coupling $\tau=\theta/(2\pi) + 4\pi i /g^2_{_{YM}}$ on any integrated correlator for gauge group $G_N$ relates it to a linear combination of correlators with gauge groups $G_{N+1}$, $G_N$ and $G_{N-1}$. These ``Laplace-difference equations'' determine the expressions of integrated correlators for all classical gauge groups for any value of $N$ in terms of the correlator for the gauge group $SU(2)$. The perturbation expansions of these integrated correlators for any finite value of $N$ agree with properties obtained from perturbative Yang--Mills quantum field theory, together with various multi-instanton calculations which are also shown to agree with those determined by supersymmetric localisation. The coefficients of terms in the large-$N$ expansion are sums of non-holomorphic Eisenstein series with half-integer indices, which extend recent results and make contact with low order terms in the low energy expansion of type IIB superstring theory in an $AdS_5\times S^5/\mathbb{Z}_2$ background.

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