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Magnetic flux response of non-Hermitian topological phases

Marco Michael Denner, Frank Schindler

SciPost Phys. 14, 107 (2023) · published 11 May 2023


We derive the response of non-Hermitian topological phases with intrinsic point gap topology to localized magnetic flux insertions. In two spatial dimensions, we identify the necessary and sufficient conditions for a flux skin effect that localizes an extensive number of in-gap modes at a flux core. In three dimensions, we furthermore establish the existence of: a flux spectral jump, where flux tube insertion fills up the entire point gap only at a single parallel crystal momentum; a higher-order flux skin effect, which occurs at the ends of flux tubes in presence of pseudo-inversion symmetry; and a flux Majorana mode that represents a spectrally isolated mid-gap state in the complex energy plane. We uniquely associate each non-Hermitian symmetry class with intrinsic point gap topology with one of these cases or a trivial flux response, and discuss possible experimental realizations.

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