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Benchmarking the Ising universality class in $3 \le d < 4$ dimensions

Claudio Bonanno, Andrea Cappelli, Mikhail Kompaniets, Satoshi Okuda, Kay Joerg Wiese

SciPost Phys. 14, 135 (2023) · published 30 May 2023


The Ising critical exponents $\eta$, $\nu$ and $\omega$ are determined up to one-per-thousand relative error in the whole range of dimensions $3 \le d < 4$, using numerical conformal-bootstrap techniques. A detailed comparison is made with results by the resummed epsilon expansion in varying dimension, the analytic bootstrap, Monte Carlo and non-perturbative renormalization-group methods, finding very good overall agreement. Precise conformal field theory data of scaling dimensions and structure constants are obtained as functions of dimension, improving on earlier findings, and providing benchmarks in $3 \le d < 4$.

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