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Hydrodynamics with triangular point group

Aaron J. Friedman, Caleb Q. Cook, Andrew Lucas

SciPost Phys. 14, 137 (2023) · published 31 May 2023


When continuous rotational invariance of a two-dimensional fluid is broken to the discrete, dihedral subgroup $D_6$ - the point group of an equilateral triangle - the resulting anisotropic hydrodynamics breaks both spatial-inversion and time-reversal symmetries, while preserving their combination. In this work, we present the hydrodynamics of such $D_6$-symmetric fluids, identifying new symmetry-allowed dissipative terms in the hydrodynamic equations of motion. We propose two experiments - both involving high-purity solid-state materials with $D_6$-invariant Fermi surfaces - that are sensitive to these new coefficients in a $D_6$-invariant electron fluid. In particular, we propose a local current imaging experiment (which is present-day realizable with nitrogen vacancy center magnetometry) in a hexagonal device, whose $D_6$-exploiting boundary conditions enable the unambiguous detection of these novel transport coefficients.

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