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Arrested development and fragmentation in strongly-interacting Floquet systems

Matthew Wampler, Israel Klich

SciPost Phys. 14, 145 (2023) · published 7 June 2023


We explore how interactions can facilitate classical like dynamics in models with sequentially activated hopping. Specifically, we add local and short range interaction terms to the Hamiltonian and ask for conditions ensuring the evolution acts as a permutation on initial local number Fock states. We show that at certain values of hopping and interactions, determined by a set of Diophantine equations, such evolution can be realized. When only a subset of the Diophantine equations is satisfied the Hilbert space can be fragmented into frozen states, states obeying cellular automata like evolution, and subspaces where evolution mixes Fock states and is associated with eigenstates exhibiting high entanglement entropy and level repulsion.

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