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A new class of higher quantum Airy structures as modules of $\mathcal{W}(\mathfrak{gl}_r)$-algebras

Vincent Bouchard, Kieran Mastel

SciPost Phys. 14, 169 (2023) · published 26 June 2023


Quantum $r$-Airy structures can be constructed as modules of $\mathcal{W}(\mathfrak{gl}_r)$-algebras via restriction of twisted modules for the underlying Heisenberg algebra. In this paper we classify all such higher quantum Airy structures that arise from modules twisted by automorphisms of the Cartan subalgebra consisting of products of disjoint cycles of the same length. An interesting feature of these higher quantum Airy structures is that the dilaton shifts must be chosen carefully to satisfy a matrix invertibility condition, with a natural choice being roots of unity. We explore how these higher quantum Airy structures may provide a definition of the Chekhov, Eynard, and Orantin topological recursion for reducible algebraic spectral curves. We also study under which conditions quantum $r$-Airy structures that come from modules twisted by arbitrary automorphisms can be extended to new quantum $(r+1)$-Airy structures by appending a trivial one-cycle to the twist without changing the dilaton shifts.

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