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Autoregressive neural Slater-Jastrow ansatz for variational Monte Carlo simulation

Stephan Humeniuk, Yuan Wan, Lei Wang

SciPost Phys. 14, 171 (2023) · published 27 June 2023


Direct sampling from a Slater determinant is combined with an autoregressive deep neural network as a Jastrow factor into a fully autoregressive Slater-Jastrow ansatz for variational quantum Monte Carlo, which allows for uncorrelated sampling. The elimination of the autocorrelation time leads to a stochastic algorithm with provable cubic scaling (with a potentially large prefactor), i.e. the number of operations for producing an uncorrelated sample and for calculating the local energy scales like $\mathcal{O}(N_s^3)$ with the number of orbitals $N_s$. The implementation is benchmarked on the two-dimensional $t-V$ model of spinless fermions on the square lattice.

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