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Inferring nuclear structure from heavy isobar collisions using Trajectum

Govert Nijs, Wilke van der Schee

SciPost Phys. 15, 041 (2023) · published 1 August 2023


Nuclei with equal number of baryons but varying proton number (isobars) have many commonalities, but differ in both electric charge and nuclear structure. Relativistic collisions of such isobars provide unique opportunities to study the variation of the magnetic field, provided the nuclear structure is well understood. In this work we simulate collisions using several state-of-the-art parametrizations of the $^{96}_{40}$Zr and $^{96}_{44}$Ru isobars and show that a comparison with the exciting STAR measurement [arXiv:2109.00131] of ultrarelativistic collisions can uniquely identify the structure of both isobars. This not only provides an urgently needed understanding of the structure of the Zirconium and Ruthenium isobars, but also paves the way for more detailed studies of nuclear structure using relativistic heavy ion collisions.

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