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Spectral statistics of a minimal quantum glass model

Richard Barney, Michael Winer, Christopher L. Baldwin, Brian Swingle, Victor Galitski

SciPost Phys. 15, 084 (2023) · published 7 September 2023


Glasses have the interesting feature of being neither integrable nor fully chaotic. They thermalize quickly within a subspace but thermalize much more slowly across the full space due to high free energy barriers which partition the configuration space into sectors. Past works have examined the Rosenzweig-Porter (RP) model as a minimal quantum model which transitions from localized to chaotic behavior. In this work we generalize the RP model in such a way that it becomes a minimal model which transitions from glassy to chaotic behavior, which we term the "Block Rosenzweig-Porter" (BRP) model. We calculate the spectral form factors of both models at all timescales larger than the inverse spectral width. Whereas the RP model exhibits a crossover from localized to ergodic behavior at the Thouless timescale, the new BRP model instead crosses over from glassy to fully chaotic behavior, as seen by a change in the steepness of the ramp of the spectral form factor.

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