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Full counting statistics as probe of measurement-induced transitions in the quantum Ising chain

Emanuele Tirrito, Alessandro Santini, Rosario Fazio, Mario Collura

SciPost Phys. 15, 096 (2023) · published 14 September 2023


Non-equilibrium dynamics of many-body quantum systems under the effect of measurement protocols is attracting an increasing amount of attention. It has been recently revealed that measurements may induce different non-equilibrium regimes and an abrupt change in the scaling-law of the bipartite entanglement entropy. However, our understanding of how these regimes appear{, how they affect the statistics of local quantities and}, finally whether they survive in the thermodynamic limit, is much less established. Here we investigate measurement-induced phase transitions in the Quantum Ising chain coupled to a monitoring environment. In particular we show that local projective measurements induce a quantitative modification of the out-of-equilibrium probability distribution function of the local magnetization. Starting from a GHZ state, the relaxation of the paramagnetic and the ferromagnetic order is analysed. In particular we describe how the probability distributions associated to them show different behaviour depending on the measurement rate.

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Quantum phase transitions

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