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Multiple Andreev reflections in diffusive SINIS and SIFIS junctions

Artem V. Polkin, Pavel A. Ioselevich

SciPost Phys. 15, 100 (2023) · published 18 September 2023


We study Multiple Andreev Reflections in long diffusive superconductor(S)-normal metal(N)-superconductor junctions with low-transparency interfaces. Assuming strong thermalization in the weak link, we calculate the current-voltage dependence $I(V)$. At intermediate temperatures, $\varepsilon_\mathrm{Th}\ll T\ll\Delta$, the current is dominated by noncoherent multiple Andreev reflections and is obtained analytically. The results are generalized to a ferromagnetic junction. We find that the exchange field produces a non-trivial splitting of the subharmonic gap structure. This effect relies on thermalization and vanishes in SFS junctions with no energy relaxation in the weak link.

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