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One-form symmetries in $\mathcal{N} = 3$ S-folds

Antonio Amariti, Davide Morgante, Antoine Pasternak, Simone Rota, Valdo Tatitscheff

SciPost Phys. 15, 132 (2023) · published 3 October 2023


We classify the global one-form symmetries for non-Lagrangian $\mathcal{N}=3$ SCFTs that arise by the action of $S$-fold projections on D3-branes. Such a classification is dictated, on a generic point of the Coulomb branch, by probing the charge spectrum of $(p, q)$-strings in the brane setup. The charge lattice of lines is then obtained by finding the ones that are genuine modulo screening by dynamical particles. The one-form symmetries are then extracted from the maximal sub-lattices of mutually local lines. We further comment on the existence of non-invertible symmetries for some of these $\mathcal{N}=3$ SCFTs.

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