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Two-dimensional Ising and Potts model with long-range bond disorder: A renormalization group approach

Francesco Chippari, Marco Picco, Raoul Santachiara

SciPost Phys. 15, 135 (2023) · published 4 October 2023


In this paper we provide new analytic results on two-dimensional $q$-Potts models ($q ≥ 2$) in the presence of bond disorder correlations which decay algebraically with distance with exponent $a$. In particular, our results are valid for the long-range bond disordered Ising model ($q=2$). We implement a renormalization group perturbative approach based on conformal perturbation theory. We extend to the long-range case the RG scheme used in [V. Dotsenko et al., Nucl. Phys. B 455 701-23] for the short-range disorder. Our approach is based on a $2$-loop order double expansion in the positive parameters $(2-a)$ and $(q-2)$. We will show that the Weinrib-Halperin conjecture for the long-range thermal exponent can be violated for a non-Gaussian disorder. We compute the central charges of the long-range fixed points finding a very good agreement with numerical measurements.

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