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A quantum register using collective excitations in a Bose-Einstein condensate

Elisha Haber, Zekai Chen, Nicholas P. Bigelow

SciPost Phys. 15, 188 (2023) · published 8 November 2023


A qubit made up of an ensemble of atoms is attractive due to its resistance to atom losses. In this work, we consider an experimentally feasible protocol to coherently load a spin-dependent optical lattice from a spatially overlapping Bose-Einstein condensate. Identifying each lattice site as a qubit, with an empty or filled site as the qubit basis, we discuss how high-fidelity single-qubit operations, two-qubit gates between arbitrary pairs of qubits, and nondestructive measurements could be performed. In this setup, the effect of atom losses has been mitigated, the atoms never need to be removed from the ground state manifold, and separate storage and computational bases for the qubits are not required, all of which can be significant sources of decoherence in many other types of atomic qubits.

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