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Probing fractional statistics in quantum simulators of spin liquid Hamiltonians

Shiyu Zhou, Maria Zelenayova, Oliver Hart, Claudio Chamon, Claudio Castelnovo

SciPost Phys. 15, 194 (2023) · published 14 November 2023


Recent advances in programmable quantum devices brought to the fore the intriguing possibility of using them to realise and investigate topological quantum spin liquid phases. This new and exciting direction brings about important research questions on how to probe and determine the presence of such exotic, highly entangled phases in a noisy quantum environment. One of the most promising tools is investigating the behaviour of the topological excitations, and in particular their fractional statistics. In this work we put forward a generic route to achieve this, and we illustrate it in the specific case of $\mathbb{Z}_2$ topological spin liquids implemented with the aid of combinatorial gauge symmetry. We design a convenient architecture to study signatures of fractional statistics via quasiparticle interferometry, and we assess its robustness to diagonal and off-diagonal disorder, as well as to dephasing - effects that are generally pervasive in current quantum programmable devices. Interestingly, when turned on its head, our scheme provides a remarkably clear test of the "quantumness" of these devices, with robust signatures that crucially hinge on quantum coherence and quantum interference effects, and cannot be mimicked by classical stochastic processes.

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