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Constraining braneworlds with entanglement entropy

Hao Geng, Andreas Karch, Carlos Perez-Pardavila, Lisa Randall, Marcos Riojas, Sanjit Shashi, Merna Youssef

SciPost Phys. 15, 199 (2023) · published 21 November 2023


We propose swampland criteria for braneworlds viewed as effective field theories of defects coupled to semiclassical gravity. We do this by exploiting their holographic interpretation. We focus on general features of entanglement entropies and their holographic calculations. Entropies have to be positive. Furthermore, causality imposes certain constraints on the surfaces that are used holographically to compute them, most notably a property known as causal wedge inclusion. As a test case, we explicitly constrain the Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati term as a second-order-in-derivatives correction to the Randall-Sundrum action. We conclude by discussing the implications of these criteria for the question on whether entanglement islands in theories with massless gravitons are possible in Karch-Randall braneworlds.

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