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Exact instanton transseries for quantum mechanics

Alexander van Spaendonck, Marcel Vonk

SciPost Phys. 16, 103 (2024) · published 12 April 2024


We calculate the instanton corrections to energy spectra of one-dimensional quantum mechanical oscillators to all orders and unify them in a closed form transseries description. Using alien calculus, we clarify the resurgent structure of these transseries and demonstrate two approaches in which the Stokes constants can be derived. As a result, we formulate a minimal one-parameter transseries for the natural nonperturbative extension to the perturbative energy, which captures the Stokes phenomenon in a single stroke. We derive these results in three models: quantum oscillators with cubic, symmetric double well and cosine potentials. In the latter two examples, we find that the resulting full transseries for the energy has a more convoluted structure that we can factorise in terms of a minimal and a median transseries. For the cosine potential we briefly discuss this more complicated transseries structure in conjunction with topology and the concept of the resurgence triangle.

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