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Analytical results for a coagulation/decoagulation model on an inhomogeneous lattice

Nicolas Crampé

SciPost Phys. 2, 006 (2017) · published 24 February 2017


We show that an inhomogeneous coagulation/decoagulation model can be mapped to a quadratic fermionic model via a Jordan-Wigner transformation. The spectrum for this inhomogeneous model is computed exactly and the spectral gap is described for some examples. We construct our inhomogeneous model from two different homogeneous models joined by one special bond (impurity). The homogeneous models we started with are the coagulation/decoagulation models studied previously using the Jordan-Wigner transformation.

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Coagulation Decoagulation Jordan-Wigner fermions/transformation Spatially inhomogeneous systems

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