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Common framework and quadratic Bethe equations for rational Gaudin magnets in arbitrarily oriented magnetic fields

Alexandre Faribault, Hugo Tschirhart

SciPost Phys. 3, 009 (2017) · published 4 August 2017


In this work we demonstrate a simple way to implement the quantum inverse scattering method to find eigenstates of spin-1/2 XXX Gaudin magnets in an arbitrarily oriented magnetic field. The procedure differs vastly from the most natural approach which would be to simply orient the spin quantisation axis in the same direction as the magnetic field through an appropriate rotation. Instead, we define a modified realisation of the rational Gaudin algebra and use the quantum inverse scattering method which allows us, within a slightly modified implementation, to build an algebraic Bethe ansatz using the same unrotated reference state (pseudovacuum) for any external field. This common framework allows us to easily write determinant expressions for certain scalar products which would be highly non-trivial in the rotated system approach.

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Algebraic Bethe Ansatz (ABA) Bethe Ansatz Gaudin magnets

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