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Two-point boundary correlation functions of dense loop models

Alexi Morin-Duchesne, Jesper Lykke Jacobsen

SciPost Phys. 4, 034 (2018) · published 19 June 2018


We investigate six types of two-point boundary correlation functions in the dense loop model. These are defined as ratios $Z/Z^0$ of partition functions on the $m\times n$ square lattice, with the boundary condition for $Z$ depending on two points $x$ and $y$. We consider: the insertion of an isolated defect (a) and a pair of defects (b) in a Dirichlet boundary condition, the transition (c) between Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions, and the connectivity of clusters (d), loops (e) and boundary segments (f) in a Neumann boundary condition. For the model of critical dense polymers, corresponding to a vanishing loop weight ($\beta = 0$), we find determinant and pfaffian expressions for these correlators. We extract the conformal weights of the underlying conformal fields and find $\Delta = -\frac18$, $0$, $-\frac3{32}$, $\frac38$, $1$, $\tfrac \theta \pi (1+\tfrac{2\theta}\pi)$, where $\theta$ encodes the weight of one class of loops for the correlator of type f. These results are obtained by analysing the asymptotics of the exact expressions, and by using the Cardy-Peschel formula in the case where $x$ and $y$ are set to the corners. For type b, we find a $\log|x-y|$ dependence from the asymptotics, and a $\ln (\ln n)$ term in the corner free energy. This is consistent with the interpretation of the boundary condition of type b as the insertion of a logarithmic field belonging to a rank two Jordan cell. For the other values of $\beta = 2 \cos \lambda$, we use the hypothesis of conformal invariance to predict the conformal weights and find $\Delta = \Delta_{1,2}$, $\Delta_{1,3}$, $\Delta_{0,\frac12}$, $\Delta_{1,0}$, $\Delta_{1,-1}$ and $\Delta_{\frac{2\theta}\lambda+1,\frac{2\theta}\lambda+1}$, extending the results of critical dense polymers. With the results for type f, we reproduce a Coulomb gas prediction for the valence bond entanglement entropy of Jacobsen and Saleur.

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Boundary correlation functions Cardy-Peschel formula Conformal field theory (CFT) Correlation functions Coulomb gas formalism Critical dense polymers Dense loop models Dirichlet boundary conditions Loop models Neumann boundary conditions

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