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From dynamical localization to bunching in interacting Floquet systems

Yuval Baum, Evert P. L. van Nieuwenburg, Gil Refael

SciPost Phys. 5, 017 (2018) · published 16 August 2018


We show that a quantum many-body system may be controlled by means of Floquet engineering, i.e., their properties may be controlled and manipulated by employing periodic driving. We present a concrete driving scheme that allows control over the nature of mobile units and the amount of diffusion in generic many-body systems. We demonstrate these ideas for the Fermi-Hubbard model, where the drive renders doubly occupied sites (doublons) the mobile excitations in the system. In particular, we show that the amount of diffusion in the system and the level of fermion-pairing may be controlled and understood solely in terms of the doublon dynamics. We find that under certain circumstances the diffusion in the system may be eliminated completely. We conclude our work by generalizing these ideas to generic many-body systems.

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Bunching Diffusion Doublons Dynamical localization Hubbard model Pairing (superconductivity) Periodically-driven (Floquet) systems

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