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Quench dynamics of the Ising field theory in a magnetic field

Kristóf Hódsági, Márton Kormos, Gábor Takács

SciPost Phys. 5, 027 (2018) · published 25 September 2018


We numerically simulate the time evolution of the Ising field theory after quenches starting from the $E_8$ integrable model using the Truncated Conformal Space Approach. The results are compared with two different analytic predictions based on form factor expansions in the pre-quench and post-quench basis, respectively. Our results clarify the domain of validity of these expansions and suggest directions for further improvement. We show for quenches in the $E_8$ model that the initial state is not of the integrable pair state form. We also construct quench overlap functions and show that their high-energy asymptotics are markedly different from those constructed before in the sinh/sine-Gordon theory, and argue that this is related to properties of the ultraviolet fixed point.

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E$_8$ integrable field theory Ising field theory Ising model Quantum quenches Truncated conformal space approach (TCSA) Ultraviolet (UV) fixed points sine-Gordon model sinh-Gordon model

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