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Analysis of the buildup of spatiotemporal correlations and their bounds outside of the light cone

Nils O. Abeling, Lorenzo Cevolani, Stefan Kehrein

SciPost Phys. 5, 052 (2018) · published 26 November 2018


In non-relativistic quantum theories the Lieb-Robinson bound defines an effective light cone with exponentially small tails outside of it. In this work we use it to derive a bound for the time evolution of the correlation function of two local disjoint observables if the initial state has a power-law decay. We show that the exponent of the power-law of the bound is identical to the initial (equilibrium) decay. We explicitly verify this result by studying the full dynamics of the susceptibilities and correlations in the exactly solvable Luttinger model after a sudden quench from the non-interacting to the interacting model.

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Discrete light-cone quantization (DLCQ)

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