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Optical control of competing exchange interactions and coherent spin-charge coupling in two-orbital Mott insulators

Marion M. S. Barbeau, Martin Eckstein, Mikhail I. Katsnelson, Johan H. Mentink

SciPost Phys. 6, 027 (2019) · published 5 March 2019


In order to have a better understanding of ultrafast electrical control of exchange interactions in multi-orbital systems, we study a two-orbital Hubbard model at half filling under the action of a time-periodic electric field. Using suitable projection operators and a generalized time-dependent canonical transformation, we derive an effective Hamiltonian which describes two different regimes. First, for a wide range of non-resonant frequencies, we find a change of the bilinear Heisenberg exchange $J_{\textrm{ex}}$ that is analogous to the single-orbital case. Moreover we demonstrate that also the additional biquadratic exchange interaction $B_{\textrm{ex}}$ can be enhanced, reduced and even change sign depending on the electric field. Second, for special driving frequencies, we demonstrate a novel spin-charge coupling phenomenon enabling coherent transfer between spin and charge degrees of freedom of doubly ionized states. These results are confirmed by an exact time-evolution of the full two-orbital Mott-Hubbard Hamiltonian.

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Hubbard model Mott insulators Spin-1 bilinear-biquadratic Heisenberg model

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