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Superconvergence of topological entropy in the symbolic dynamics of substitution sequences

Leon Zaporski, Felix Flicker

SciPost Phys. 7, 018 (2019) · published 7 August 2019


We consider infinite sequences of superstable orbits (cascades) generated by systematic substitutions of letters in the symbolic dynamics of one-dimensional nonlinear systems in the logistic map universality class. We identify the conditions under which the topological entropy of successive words converges as a double exponential onto the accumulation point, and find the convergence rates analytically for selected cascades. Numerical tests of the convergence of the control parameter reveal a tendency to quantitatively universal double-exponential convergence. Taking a specific physical example, we consider cascades of stable orbits described by symbolic sequences with the symmetries of quasilattices. We show that all quasilattices can be realised as stable trajectories in nonlinear dynamical systems, extending previous results in which two were identified.

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Nonlinear modes topological entropy

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