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Constraining new physics from Higgs measurements with Lilith: update to LHC Run 2 results

Sabine Kraml, Tran Quang Loc, Dao Thi Nhung, Le Duc Ninh

SciPost Phys. 7, 052 (2019) · published 18 October 2019


Lilith is a public Python library for constraining new physics from Higgs signal strength measurements. We here present version 2.0 of Lilith together with an updated XML database which includes the current ATLAS and CMS Run 2 Higgs results for 36/fb. Both the code and the database were extended from the ordinary Gaussian approximation employed in Lilith-1.1 to using variable Gaussian and Poisson likelihoods. Moreover, Lilith can now make use of correlation matrices of arbitrary dimension. We provide detailed validations of the implemented experimental results as well as a status of global fits for reduced Higgs couplings, Two-Higgs-doublet models of Type I and Type II, and invisible Higgs decays. Lilith-2.0 is available on GitHub and ready to be used to constrain a wide class of new physics scenarios.

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