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Transport fluctuations in integrable models out of equilibrium

Jason Myers, M. J. Bhaseen, Rosemary J. Harris, Benjamin Doyon

SciPost Phys. 8, 007 (2020) · published 20 January 2020


We propose exact results for the full counting statistics, or the scaled cumulant generating function, pertaining to the transfer of arbitrary conserved quantities across an interface in homogeneous integrable models out of equilibrium. We do this by combining insights from generalised hydrodynamics with a theory of large deviations in ballistic transport. The results are applicable to a wide variety of physical systems, including the Lieb-Liniger gas and the Heisenberg chain. We confirm the predictions in non-equilibrium steady states obtained by the partitioning protocol, by comparing with Monte Carlo simulations of this protocol in the classical hard rod gas. We verify numerically that the exact results obey the correct non-equilibrium fluctuation relations with the appropriate initial conditions.

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Heisenberg spin chains Integrability/integrable models Lieb-Liniger model Transport

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