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Zero temperature momentum distribution of an impurity in a polaron state of one-dimensional Fermi and Tonks-Girardeau gases

Oleksandr Gamayun, Oleg Lychkovskiy, Mikhail B. Zvonarev

SciPost Phys. 8, 053 (2020) · published 7 April 2020


We investigate the momentum distribution function of a single distinguishable impurity particle which formed a polaron state in a gas of either free fermions or Tonks-Girardeau bosons in one spatial dimension. We obtain a Fredholm determinant representation of the distribution function for the Bethe ansatz solvable model of an impurity-gas δ-function interaction potential at zero temperature, in both repulsive and attractive regimes. We deduce from this representation the fourth power decay at a large momentum, and a weakly divergent (quasi-condensate) peak at a finite momentum. We also demonstrate that the momentum distribution function in the limiting case of infinitely strong interaction can be expressed through a correlation function of the one-dimensional impenetrable anyons.

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Bethe Ansatz Fermi gases Tonks-Girardeau gas

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