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A bound on thermal relativistic correlators at large spacelike momenta

Souvik Banerjee, Kyriakos Papadodimas, Suvrat Raju, Prasant Samantray, Pushkal Shrivastava

SciPost Phys. 8, 064 (2020) · published 20 April 2020


We consider thermal Wightman correlators in a relativistic quantum field theory in the limit where the spatial momenta of the insertions become large while their frequencies stay fixed. We show that, in this limit, the size of these correlators is bounded by $e^{-\beta R}$, where $R$ is the radius of the smallest sphere that contains the polygon formed by the momenta. We show that perturbative quantum field theories can saturate this bound through suitably high-order loop diagrams. We also consider holographic theories in $d$-spacetime dimensions, where we show that the leading two-point function of generalized free-fields saturates the bound in $d = 2$ and is {\em below} the bound for $d > 2$. We briefly discuss interactions in holographic theories and conclude with a discussion of several open problems.

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