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Froissart bound for/from CFT Mellin amplitudes

Parthiv Haldar, Aninda Sinha

SciPost Phys. 8, 095 (2020) · published 30 June 2020


We derive bounds analogous to the Froissart bound for the absorptive part of CFT$_d$ Mellin amplitudes. Invoking the AdS/CFT correspondence, these amplitudes correspond to scattering in AdS$_{d+1}$. We can take a flat space limit of the corresponding bound. We find the standard Froissart-Martin bound, including the coefficient in front for $d+1=4$ being $\pi/\mu^2$, $\mu$ being the mass of the lightest exchange. For $d>4$, the form is different. We show that while for $CFT_{d\leq 6}$, the number of subtractions needed to write a dispersion relation for the Mellin amplitude is equal to 2, for $CFT_{d>6}$ the number of subtractions needed is greater than 2 and goes to infinity as $d$ goes to infinity.

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AdS/CFT correspondence Conformal field theory (CFT)

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