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Hall viscosity and conductivity of two-dimensional chiral superconductors

Félix Rose, Omri Golan, Sergej Moroz

SciPost Phys. 9, 006 (2020) · published 14 July 2020


We compute the Hall viscosity and conductivity of non-relativistic two-dimensional chiral superconductors, where fermions pair due to a short-range attractive potential, e.g. $p+\mathrm{i}p$ pairing, and interact via a long-range repulsive Coulomb force. For a logarithmic Coulomb potential, the Hall viscosity tensor contains a contribution that is singular at low momentum, which encodes corrections to pressure induced by an external shear strain. Due to this contribution, the Hall viscosity cannot be extracted from the Hall conductivity in spite of Galilean symmetry. For mixed-dimensional chiral superconductors, where the Coulomb potential decays as inverse distance, we find an intermediate behavior between intrinsic two-dimensional superconductors and superfluids. These results are obtained by means of both effective and microscopic field theory.

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