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Analytic and numerical bootstrap of CFTs with $O(m)\times O(n)$ global symmetry in 3D

Johan Henriksson, Stefanos R. Kousvos, Andreas Stergiou

SciPost Phys. 9, 035 (2020) · published 10 September 2020


Motivated by applications to critical phenomena and open theoretical questions, we study conformal field theories with $O(m)\times O(n)$ global symmetry in $d=3$ spacetime dimensions. We use both analytic and numerical bootstrap techniques. Using the analytic bootstrap, we calculate anomalous dimensions and OPE coefficients as power series in $\varepsilon=4-d$ and in $1/n$, with a method that generalizes to arbitrary global symmetry. Whenever comparison is possible, our results agree with earlier results obtained with diagrammatic methods in the literature. Using the numerical bootstrap, we obtain a wide variety of operator dimension bounds, and we find several islands (isolated allowed regions) in parameter space for $O(2)\times O(n)$ theories for various values of $n$. Some of these islands can be attributed to fixed points predicted by perturbative methods like the $\varepsilon$ and large-$n$ expansions, while others appear to arise due to fixed points that have been claimed to exist in resummations of perturbative beta functions.

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Conformal bootstrap Conformal field theory (CFT) Global symmetries

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