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Engineered swift equilibration of brownian particles: consequences of hydrodynamic coupling

Salambô Dago, Benjamin Besga, Raphaël Mothe, David Guéry-Odelin, Emmanuel Trizac, Artyom Petrosyan, Ludovic Bellon, Sergio Ciliberto

SciPost Phys. 9, 064 (2020) · published 5 November 2020


We present a detailed theoretical and experimental analysis of Engineered Swift Equilibration (ESE) protocols applied to two hydrodynamically coupled colloids in optical traps. The second particle disturbs slightly (10% at most) the response to an ESE compression applied to a single particle. This effect is quantitatively explained by a model of hydrodynamic coupling. Then we design a coupled ESE protocol for the two particles, allowing the perfect control of one target particle while the second is enslaved to the first. The calibration errors and the limitations of the model are finally discussed in detail.

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