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Scattering description of Andreev molecules

Jean-Damien Pillet, Vincent Benzoni, Joël Griesmar, Jean-Loup Smirr, Çaǧlar Ö. Girit

SciPost Phys. Core 2, 009 (2020) · published 11 June 2020


An Andreev molecule is a system of closely spaced superconducting weak links accommodating overlapping Andreev Bound States. Recent theoretical proposals have considered one-dimensional Andreev molecules with a single conduction channel. Here we apply the scattering formalism and extend the analysis to multiple conduction channels, a situation encountered in epitaxial superconductor/semiconductor weak links. We obtain the multi-channel bound state energy spectrum and quantify the contribution of the microscopic non-local processes leading to the formation of Andreev molecules.

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