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Adaptive numerical solution of Kadanoff-Baym equations

Francisco Meirinhos, Michael Kajan, Johann Kroha, Tim Bode

SciPost Phys. Core 5, 030 (2022) · published 27 May 2022


A time-stepping scheme with adaptivity in both the step size and the integration order is presented in the context of non-equilibrium dynamics described via Kadanoff-Baym equations. The accuracy and effectiveness of the algorithm are analysed by obtaining numerical solutions of exactly solvable models. We find a significant reduction in the number of time-steps compared to fixed-step methods. Due to the at least quadratic scaling of Kadanoff-Baym equations, reducing the amount of steps can dramatically increase the accessible integration time, opening the door for the study of long-time dynamics in interacting systems. A selection of illustrative examples is provided, among them interacting and open quantum systems as well as classical stochastic processes. An open-source implementation of our algorithm in the scientific-computing language Julia is made available.

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