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An Ising model on a 3D honeycomb zigzag-ladder lattice: a solution to the ground-state problem

Yuriy I. Dublenych, Oleg A. Petrenko

SciPost Phys. Core 5, 047 (2022) · published 30 September 2022


A complex, seven-parameter ground-state problem for an Ising model on a 3D honeycomb zigzag-ladder lattice, containing two types of magnetic sites, is considered in the presence of an external field using the method of basic rays and basic sets of cluster configurations. It is shown that the geometrical frustration due to the presence of triangle elements leads to the emergence of a large variety of magnetic phases, the majority of which are highly degenerate. The obtained theoretical results are used to elucidate the sequence of phase transitions in the family of rare-earth oxides with a honeycomb zigzag-ladder lattice. New phases predicted by our model and observed experimentally do not appear in previously considered simpler models for noninteracting zigzag-ladders.

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