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Nonlocal correlations in noisy multiqubit systems simulated using matrix product operators

Haggai Landa, Grégoire Misguich

SciPost Phys. Core 6, 037 (2023) · published 1 May 2023


We introduce an open-source solver for the Lindblad master equation, based on matrix product states and matrix product operators. Using this solver we study the dynamics of tens of interacting qubits with different connectivities, focusing on a problem where an edge qubit is being continuously driven on resonance, which is a fundamental operation in quantum devices. Because of the driving, induced excitations propagate through the qubits until the system reaches a steady state due to the incoherent terms. We find that with alternating-frequency qubits whose interactions with their off-resonant neighbors appear weak, the tunneling excitations lead to large correlations between distant qubits in the system. Some two-qubit correlation functions are found to increase as a function of distance in the system (in contrast to the typical decay with distance), peaking on the two edge qubits farthest apart from each other.

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