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Abelian combinatorial gauge symmetry

Hongji Yu, Dmitry Green, Andrei E. Ruckenstein, Claudio Chamon

SciPost Phys. Core 7, 014 (2024) · published 26 March 2024


Combinatorial gauge symmetry is a principle that allows us to construct lattice gauge theories with two key and distinguishing properties: a) only one- and two-body interactions are needed; and b) the symmetry is exact rather than emergent in an effective or perturbative limit. The ground state exhibits topological order for a range of parameters. This paper is a generalization of the construction to any finite Abelian group. In addition to the general mathematical construction, we present a physical implementation in superconducting wire arrays, which offers a route to the experimental realization of lattice gauge theories with static Hamiltonians.

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