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Quantum Monte Carlo simulation of the 3D Ising transition on the fuzzy sphere

Johannes Stephan Hofmann, Florian Goth, Wei Zhu, Yin-Chen He, Emilie Huffman

SciPost Phys. Core 7, 028 (2024) · published 9 May 2024


We present a numerical quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) method for simulating the 3D phase transition on the recently proposed fuzzy sphere [Phys. Rev. X 13, 021009 (2023)]. By introducing an additional SU(2) layer degree of freedom, we reformulate the model into a form suitable for sign-problem-free QMC simulation. From the finite-size-scaling, we show that this QMC-friendly model undergoes a quantum phase transition belonging to the 3D Ising universality class, and at the critical point we compute the scaling dimensions from the state-operator correspondence, which largely agrees with the prediction from the conformal field theory. These results pave the way to construct sign-problem-free models for QMC simulations on the fuzzy sphere, which could advance the future study on more sophisticated criticalities.

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